Snow Removal Policy and Procedures

The City of Isanti has policies and procedures in place to assure that specified streets, sidewalks and trails are cleared of snow.  Snow events are variable in nature and the magnitude of the event will dictate what action is required by the City, residents, landowners, and occupants.  Below are downloadable copies of resolutions and ordinances that outline the responsibilities for all parties involved.

Please note - as of Feburary 5th 2014, all the public sidewalks within the city are cleared by the city of Isanti Public Works Department. They are cleared on a primary or secondary schedule given the streets have been cleared.  Further removal of nuisance ice and/or snow on that sidewalk shall be the responsibility of the adjacent property owner and shall be removed within 48 hours from the date of notification by the City.

If you have any questions regarding policies and procedures in place relating to the clearing of snow, please contact Public Services Director, Matt Sylvester (763) 444-5512.