Rum River Consultants is the City of Isanti's designated Building Official. For Scheduling inspections please e-mail or call their office at 763-331-7722. Inspections should be scheduled 24 hours in advance and not the same day. 

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We all rely on the safety of structures that surround us in our everyday living- from our homes and offices to our stores, schools, factories, places of entertainment, etc. MN State Building codes provide important minimum safeguards and standards to public health, safety, and general welfare, so the City of Isanti has adopted the MN State Building Codes in addition to the City's Zoning codes.  Also, the codes help promote energy conservation, and the safety to life and property from fire and other hazards as well as to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations. The building department is here to help ensure that the structures built within the community meet at least these minimum requirements and codes.

Building Permit and Plan Review Policy

Standard permits that don’t need a plan review may not be issued immediately due to building department staff availability. Permits could take up to 10 business days to issue. City staff will make every attempt to issue standard permits as quickly as possible.

Review time is 10 business days provided all of the required information is submitted to conduct a complete review. Plans are reviewed in the order they are received. The City of Isanti does not give preference to any applicant(s) for expedited plan review.

****The City of Isanti reserves the right to require additional time for issuance of permits and plan review during the busier construction season and heavier staff workloads. However, City Staff will make every effort to notify the applicant as soon as possible of the longer time period.

Staff Contacts  

Andy Schreder

Rum River Consultants

Building Official


Stephanie Hillesheim

Community Development Director


Jordyn Curtis

Associate Planner