Committee of the Whole

All Council members are appointed annually to the Committee of the Whole.  Committee of the Whole meetings are a dialogue on matters placed on a meeting agenda between Council members, City staff, City consultants and invited guests. No official action, (i.e., adoption of resolutions or ordinances), shall be taken at these meetings, however, Council may provide administrative or operational direction to staff as requested, and as deemed appropriate by Council.  Matters pursuant to City Code or resolution that reference a former Council committee shall be brought to the Committee of the Whole.   


If you would like to have an item or topic discussed by the Committee of the Whole, please fill out the agenda request form and return to the City Clerk, Jaden Strand, or drop off at City Hall.  Requests need to be returned Wednesday at noon the week prior to the Committee meeting.

Committee of the Whole Members

Name Title
Steve Lundeen Council Member
Jimmy Gordon Mayor
Luke Merrill Council Member
George Hemen Council Member