Peddler, Solicitors, Transient Merchants and Mobile Food Units

Peddlers, Solicitors, Transient Merchants and Mobile Food Unit

For-profit sales of products and services requires a license from the city. Only licensed peddlers, solicitors, transient merchants and mobile food units will have a photo ID badge and/or certificate issued by the city. It should be noted that the city does not endorse any products or services being sold by issuing this license.

Non-profit, charitable, or religious groups do not need a license unless they pay their solicitors. However, the city does request that charitable organizations register with the city so that we can inform police and residents of your presence.
Types of Licenses:
Solicitor- a license is needed if you plan to go place to place or door to door soliciting orders for the sale of merchandise or services for future delivery or future performance, whether or not the person has a sample of the merchandise or is collecting advance payments for the orders.
Peddler- a license is needed if you plan to go place to place or door to door selling products, making sales and delivering articles to purchasers.

Transient Merchant - a license is needed for those who are planning on selling products from a temporary location such as a vehicle, trailer, tent or other portable shelter or empty storefront in a commercial district where retail sales are permitted or a conditional use for the purpose of exposing or displaying for sale, selling or attempting to sell and delivering goods, wares, products, merchandise or other personal property for no more than 14 consecutive days.
Mobile Food Unit- a license is needed for those who are planning on selling food and beverages that is a vehicle mounted unit or free-standing food stand within the city.
How do I know if they're licensed?
Every resident and business has the right to prohibit peddlers and solicitors from their property. If you post a sign on your home or business that prohibits solicitors, they are not permitted to approach your property. If a peddler or solicitor approaches you, you have the right to ask to see their city-issued photo ID badge and/or certificate.
If they cannot show you their ID and/or certificate or they state they are licensed by the State of Minnesota, you have the right to call the police department using 9-1-1 as a non-emergency to report an unlicensed peddler or solicitor in your neighborhood.
Company/ OrganizationNamePurposeLicense Valid
Eliana and Brothers Mexican FoodFrankie Palma AlvarezMobile Food Unit4/7/2022 through 4/7/2023
Thai 1 OnWariya ThompsonMobile Food Unit

4/11/2022 through 4/11/2023

Edward JonesWyatt SoderquistSolicitorThrough 6/15/2023