Apply for Special Event Permit

Special Events within city limits.

  • If you are a planning an event that requires a Special Event Permit, please complete the application. 
  • You must also include any required supplemental forms. To ensure your application is processed quickly, be specific and complete in all responses.
  • Applications must be submitted at a minimum of 30 days prior to the event to be considered.
  • The final step is approval/denial of the application at a city council meeting. 
  • Staff will be in contact with the applicant as to when the application/event will be on the council agenda.  The applicant should plan on attending the city council meeting. 

Special Event Permits Guideline: (Please see city code 278 “Special Events” for more detailed information)

Special Event Permit Application  

Temporary Sign Permit This form is needed if you are having temporary signs posted throughout the city for your special event or for any other purpose. 

Special Event Equipment Request Form   This form is needed if you are going to request any equipment through Public Works for your special event.

Release and Indemnification Release Form This form is needed if your event will be held on city property.

Vendor Application  This form is needed if you are having a craft/vendor show within your special event.