Cannabinoid License and Application

The City Council approved City Code Chapter 298, Cannabinoid Products at the May 2nd City Council meeting which came into effect May 12th. Per Chapter 298, it is unlawful for any person to sell at retail any cannabinoid product as defined below within the City unless the person holds a retail cannabinoid license.
Cannabinoid products are defined as any product containing cannabinoids, including an edible cannabinoid product, that is sold for human consumption whether chewed, smoked, inhaled, snorted, sniffed, vaporized, or ingested by other means.
Those not eligible for a license includes:
  • Moveable Place of Business. No license shall be issued to a moveable place of business. Only fixed location businesses shall be eligible to be licensed under this ordinance.
  • Exclusive Liquor Store. No license shall be issued to an exclusive liquor store as defined in Minn. Stats., § 340A.101, subd. 10.
  • No license will be approved unless the premises proposed to be licensed complies with all applicable zoning requirements.
  • The retail establishment shall be located not less than 300 feet of a school, as measured door to door.
Once you have completed all the required license application materials and submitted the license fee, $150.00 annually (expiring December 31st), your request will be brought to the City Council. The applicant must attend a City Council meeting for determination of Council’s decision on granting the license and be available for any questions or clarifications.
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