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The City of Isanti recently adopted a City Code. This Code, has most of the City's ordinances. Please scroll below for zoning and other ordinances that are not apart of the City's Code.

City Code

Fee Schedule


Zoning Map - February 2014

Snow Plowing and Removal Policy and Procedures


List of Zoning Ordinances



Zoning (Table of Contents) Table of Contents
Subdivision Ordinance Ordinance 536
The following files are subsections of Ordinance 445.
Section 1: Title & Application Download
Section 2: Definition of Terms Download
Section 3: Establishment of Zoning Districts Download
Section 4: General Provisions Download
Section 5: Blank  
Section 6: Residential Districts
Article 1:"R-1" Single Family Residential District
Article 2: "R-2" Single Family Residential District
Article 3: "R-3A" Low Density Multiple Family Residential District
Article 4: "R-3B" Medium Density Multiple Family Residential District
Article 5: "R-4" Multiple Family Residential District

Section 7: Business Districts
Article 1: "B-1" Central Business District
Article 2: "B-2" General Business District
Article 3: "B-3" Neighborhood Business Distrct

Section 8: Industrial Districts Download
Section 9: blank  
Section 10: Special Purpose Districts
Article 1: "RC" Recreational Commercial District
Article 2: Central Business Transitional District
Article 3: "PUD" Planned Unit Development District



Section 11: Overlay Districts
Article 1: "D-1" Downtown Overlay District
Article 2: "S-1" Rum River Scenic Overlay District
Article 3: Flood Plain Overlay District
Article 4: Open Space and Parks Overlay District

Section 12: Tier One Zoning Districts
Article 1: "T1-R" Tier One Residential District
Article 2: "T1-B" Tier One Business District
Article 3: "T1-I" Tier One Industrial District



Section 13: Use Regulations
Article 1: Residential Use Regulations
Article 2: Non-Residential Use Regulations
Article 3: Use Regulations in All Zoning Districts
Article 4: Accessory Buildings, Structures, and Uses

Section 14: Performance Standards Download
Section 15: Fencing, Screening, and Landscaping Download
Section 16: Signs Download
Section 17: Off-Street Parking and Loading Download
Section 18: Site Plan Review Download
Section 19: Non-Conforming Buildings, Structures and Uses Download
Section 20: Review and Decision Making Bodies Download
Section 21: Administration and Enforcement
Article 1: Amendments (Text and Map)
Article 2: Conditional Use Permits

Article 3: Interim Uses

Article 4: Administrative Permits

Article 5: Variances

Article 6: Appeals

Section 22: Environmental Review Download
Section 23: Penalties and Violations
Section 24: Repeal
Section 25: Repeal
Section 26: Effective Date
Appendix: A through D